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Motorised power barrows can work on inclines Motorised power barrows carry heavy loads


I received the Power Barrow yesterday.  I tried the machine and I am very pleased by the...

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"The barrow arrived in good order and has proved to be all that was claimed and more"

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We are very pleased with our new...

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Peter & Sue

New Plymouth

Motorised Wheelbarrows: Power Barrow Benefits

Reasons for owning a Power Barrow motorised power barrow

  1. The Power Barrow have a full range of interchangeable accessories that fit on the machine. Better optimisation of product and a more productive workforce.
  2. The weight distribution of the load optimises the steering and helps prevent back injuries caused when going up slopes.
  3. The bucket completely empties due to the angle of tip on front edge of bucket (over 50ï) without the need for manual shoveling by operator.
  4. Machine is less than 28" wide and 61" in length which allows it to pass through doorways and around tight corners without damage to the walls and framework.
  5. Power Barrow motorised wheelbarrows are fitted with sump guards which protects the transmission from large obstacles damaging the underside workings of machine.
  6. The Engine is covered to protect it from boulders/rocks and debris when loading/also keeps gas filler cap clean.
  7. The engine cowling/handle bars are bolted to the chassis by 6 bolts which helps with strength and wear around the bolt holes for safety.
  8. Power Barrow cables are adjustable on both ends to maximise the stretch effect and giving double the adjustment for belt wear.
  9. Handle bar grips are soft and ergonomic for comfort to the operator throughout the working day.
  10. The bucket is steel. -Question- If plastic was stronger or more durable than steel...wouldn't heavy duty trucks,dozers,cars,and everything else be made with plastic?
  11. We powdercoat the whole machine with the best paint at double the thickness normally used in the industry at 400 microns.
  12. We fit metal wheel caps to stop dirt being pressure washed into the bearings when cleaning.
  13. Power Barrow motorised wheelbarrows have been in production for over 20 years, with a well proven background in the Equipment Rental and Landscaping industry.