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Motorised power barrows can work on inclines Motorised power barrows carry heavy loads


I received the Power Barrow yesterday.  I tried the machine and I am very pleased by the...

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"The barrow arrived in good order and has proved to be all that was claimed and more"

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We are very pleased with our new...

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Peter & Sue

New Plymouth

4WD Power Barrow

The battery operated wheelbarrow runs on a 24 volt battery rated at 10 amp hours. The battery is completely maintenance free. The barrow has one large front wheel and two smaller back wheels (this means no lifting to move the barrow). As well as a brake on the handlebar it also has a foot brake on each of the back wheels, this ensures safety while filling up the bucket. It has a handle for ease of tipping the contents of the barrow. It is very quiet to run and is environmentally friendly and excellent for inside work in glass houses and potting sheds. These are for sale at $1200 + gst

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4WD power barrow is designed to take the backache out of tight jobs. It is a self propelled power unit narrow enough to fit through your doorway, to fit down the side alley, along tight garden spaces, climb stairs,
drives over footings, building slabs and kerbs.

Power Barrow is a multi purpose material handling machine for moving builders sand, concrete, site clearance, pavers, bricks, blocks, rolls of turf, paving slabs, farm feed and much more.

Power Barrow is a cost effective solution for builders, farmers, landscapers, councils and the home handyman.

Power Barrow has four forward gears with a speed of 0.8 to 5.6kph and one reverse to suit any condition it is working in. It has a 'Dead man' safety control, balanced weight distribution for easy tipping and four wheel stability on uneven terrain. It has a genuine Honda powered petrol 5.5hp, 4 stroke engine. As well as the bucket it has a flat bed and a ball hitch which can be easily swapped by removing one pin. The flat bed enables you to stack pavers etc., whilst the ball hitch enables you to move a trailer into a position a vehicle would not be able to fit into. The 4WD traction allows the unit to be driven straight onto a trailer or into the back of a works van.